Data Commercialization

Data Commercialization Auditing

Through data commercialization auditing, we will take stock of your current business position, dive deep into your existing product line-up, core metrics and strategic outlook. Armed with foresight on business direction, our data intelligence team will xxx(identify) key outcomes on how to best position your future data commercialization strategy.

The 5 point data audit includes:

  1. Audit of existing data capabilities and architecure
  2. Identify how your existing business activity will benefit from using data more effectively
  3. Product refinement, realignment and market positioning to extract maxinum value
  4. New product, partnership and commercial opportunity identification
  5. Create insights and business intelligence recommendations

After a full data commercialization audit, you will receive a certified and complete detailed report outlining how your organization can best position your data commercialization strategy.

Data Commercialization Auditing takes approximately 14 days and is conducted on your premises.

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Loyalty Engineering

Loyalty Consulting

Best for travel companies, including Airlines, Frequent flyer loyalty programs, Online Travel Agents and Hospitality clients. We are experts in loyalty program engineering and product strategy. Turbo-charge results through next-generation loyalty architecture design and data analysis.

Expert loyalty consulting scope includes:
  • External third-party strategic advisory
  • Customer propensity modelling, score analysis and deep data insight
  • Customer Cultiviation Methodologies
  • Customer segmentation
  • 360-degree Customer view
  • Share of Wallet Program Design
  • Next-Generation loyalty program architecture & design
  • Loyalty fraud reduction

Our team consists of high calibre travel industry data scientists, loyalty experts, industry analysts and experienced entrepreneurs. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

FFP & Hotel Loyalty Program Model Validation

Frequent Flyer Program Model Validation

Before you make any loyalty program changes or updates, validating your new model and benchmarking the new program against domestic and international competition is vital for success. We will benchmark your new or existing loyalty program against global competition, find weak points and opportunities.

  • Statistical benchmark against global competition
    With more than 125,000 flight segments and 1.2 million possible fare classes on these routes, you need to know where you stand compared to the competition.
  • Domestic, and global air competition analysis
    Drill down on your competition from each city, where they fly, connections, pricing and frequent flyer gaming propensity.
  • Market analysis and member insight
    Tap into customer intelligence channels and deep dive into the psychological acceptance of new key program features on your radar.
  • Non-air partner opportunity identification and comparison
    Knowing which banking partners to align with in each city is paramount for local success. We scope it out and benchmark your competition.
  • Status Power Earning IndexTM Rating
    Know how competitive your loyalty program is for attain elite status versus the competition. By price, route and parntership effectiveness.

Loyalty Program Model Validation will ensure your new, refreshed loyaly program is strategically positioning for maximum efficiency.

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